Toronto, ON — Canaquest Medical Corp (OTC:CANQF) (the ‘Company’ or ‘CanaQuest‘), a clinical-stage life sciences company focused on drug discovery and development of next-generation targeted cannabinoid therapeutics for the central nervous system (CNS), today announced the signing of a Master Service Agreement with Neeka Health (“Neeka”) that will encompass multiple clinical studies to evaluate the efficacy of Mentanine® on targeted populations struggling with transitional issues.

‘Partnering with Neeka is a privilege and a potential game changer for CanaQuest. Together, we can accelerate improvement in the overall quality of life for struggling populations, their families, and their extended support networks. The Neeka team has completed extensive due diligence on our science, preclinical data package, and our proprietary formulations prior to selecting CanaQuest as their cannabinoid partner for clinical studies and we are looking forward to a long-standing relationship and continuing to put science at the forefront of our company,” said Paul Ramsay, President of CanaQuest. Neeka is led by a team of proven healthcare and clinical research innovators and is taking a disruptive approach to healthcare by encompassing a holistic approach to improving the quality of life for struggling and transition populations by using the proprietary Neeka peer support platform coupled with science based natural therapeutics. Dr. Amin Kassam, the CEO of Neeka, a true pioneer in novel surgical procedures, neurological disorders, and innovative health solutions, led the creation and development of the Neeka platform.

“Neeka is quickly becoming a leader in digital health technologies and in conducting cost-efficient, decentralized clinical trials with a specific focus on the synergies between our advanced health and wellness digital solutions and novel delivery systems and accurate dosing of natural therapeutics,” said Edward Francis, President, and COO of Neeka. “We look forward to this partnership with CanaQuest and expanding our relationship with their experienced team of professionals and their focused approach to cannabinoid research.”

Dr. Hunter Land, CSO of Neeka, who co-led the clinical development of Epidiolex® (FDA approved prescription CBD) for GW Pharma will lead all studies for Neeka and CanaQuest. Dr. Hunter Land has extensive experience in cannabinoid research and is a member of the International Cannabinoid Research Society, American Epilepsy Society, and the American Academy of Neurology

About: Neeka Health
Neeka Health is a next-generation digital health technology company based out of Charlottetown (Prince Edward Island), Canada with a research and development subsidiary in Santa Monica (California), US. With an experienced global team of health care experts, epidemiologists, clinical trialists, and a robust team of data analysts and security professionals, Neeka Health has decades of proven success in designing, implementing, and conducting clinical trials, as well as in providing regulatory and commercial support in natural therapeutics in Europe and North America. Neeka Health is also focused on their proprietary and world leading upstream peer support and a data analytics platform. The Neeka platform has already shown incredible success in helping transitioning groups rebuild structure and connectivity in their day-to-day activities and in allowing individuals to functionally integrate back to society.

Our new partnership with Neeka Health will be very transformative for CanaQuest.

Neeka Health

Is led by a team of proven healthcare innovators with expertise in clinical research and clinical trials for neurological disorders and pain,

Will be a significant commercial arm (former professional athletes, their families, veterans and, first responders) for CanaQuest,
Spent $9.2 million on their decentralized Clinical Trial/Study encrypted software over five years,

Eddie Francis, COO, Neeka Health, stated that “Neeka Health conducted due diligence on 93 companies and CanaQuest was the only company chosen.”

Dr. Hunter land, CSO, Neeka Health, who co-led the clinical development of Epidiolex® (FDA approved prescription CBD) for GW Pharma will lead all studies for Neeka and CanaQuest.

About: CanaQuest Medical Corp
CanaQuest Medical, a clinical-stage, life sciences company, is focused on the drug discovery and development of next-generation targeted therapeutics within the endocannabinoid system and specific brain receptors. The Company is focused on treating neurological conditions, such as epilepsy, anxiety, depression, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ‘PTSD’, including addiction. CanaQuest has created a game-changing Master Formulation derived from cannabidiol “CBD” + IP formula. It has a Drug Candidate, CQ-001, which is positioned for clinical trials, targeting epilepsy. An OTC version of the Master Formulation, branded as Mentanine®, is available for sale via CanaQuest Store in the US without health claims. Pre-clinical trial results and Clinical Studies have demonstrated beneficial effects on several mental and neurological conditions. Its non-psychoactive properties provide a safe and effective alternative to traditional treatments with little to no side effects.

CanaQuest was named: 2022 Global Excellence Awards

Best Medical Cannabis and Botanical Oils Product Development Company, 2022 North America – awarded by Global Health & Pharma, UK.